Polyurea Roof Coating

Advanced Roof Coating for Cleveland, OH & Surrounding Areas

A reliable roof has a protective coating that acts as a shell over your fascia. Tri-Kote Roofing uses Polyurea roof coating, which is more advanced than traditional coating applications like paint or fiberglass. Polyurea is commonly used for a number of different applications, including abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, waterproofing, structural enhancement, and more. 

Many contractors will use Polyurea as coating for a number of different physical properties, including concrete, metal, and wood. It’s also commonly used as a protective lining over tanks, truck beds, ponds, and more. Polyurea applications can be effective over a wide range of temperature and humidity environments, which is perfect for the changing seasons inthe Cleveland, OH area.

What Polyurea From Our Commercial Roofing Company Can Do For You

Tri-Kote Roofing relies on Polyurea coating technology because of its fast-set nature, which helps ensure the best coating for your roof in as little time as possible. This coating technology has been used on pieces such as decks, parking garages, reservoirs, tunnels, roofs, water tanks, slurry pits, and flooring. Polyurea is weather tolerant, flexible, waterproof, and strong. You can be sure of excellent sustainability when trusting Tri-Kote Roofing and our Polyurea coating on your roof.  Other areas Polyurea is heavily utilized include:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Repairs
Potable Water Storage Tanks
Fish Tanks (Aquariums/Zoos)
Concrete Enclosure 
Chemical Containment 
Bridge Decks and Parking Garage Exteriors 
Garbage Handling Facilities 

If you need help with a roofing project, trust Tri-Kote Roofing for our reliable materials and services. Our commercial roofing contractors can help protect your roof with our advanced Polyurea technology. Trust our team to apply Polyurea to your roof. Contact us to ask about what our commercial roofing company can do for your roof and schedule expert services. 

Want to know more about Polyurea?  Check out this article on how a Polyurea application revitalized a 500,000 gallon water storage tank in Mammoth Lakes, CA!
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