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Flat Roof Company Offering Quality Products to the Cleveland, OH Area

With Tri-Kote Roofing, you can count on getting quality roofing products that are guaranteed to last. Our flat roof company's durable residential and commercial roofing products will stand the test of time, giving you the longevity you’re looking for. 

Our most commonly used product is our liquid rubber roof coating. Our liquid rubber coating is waterproof and 85 percent reflective. One of the advantages of a liquid rubber coat is that it is renewable, so you can have a new roof installed at a lower cost once the warranty on your current roof expires. Liquid rubber coating is easy to work with and perfect for flat roof repairs, offering you the affordable services you’re looking for. 

One of the things that makes Tri-Kote Roofing such a special flat roof company is that we use a water-resistant 3-pound closed cell foam. This foam successfully keeps water from leaking into your home or business. It’s essential to have our closed cell foam on your roof to protect your property from damaging storms. Our residential and commercial roofing contractor will help protect your property from the harsh elements of Cleveland, OH all year round!

Our Flat Roof Company's Three-Coat Process

Tri-Kote Roofing closely follows a three-step process for all our roof coating services. This process ensures that your roof has the proper insulation to keep it protected from water and the outdoor elements that can take their toll. As always, our flat roof company uses the finest products available for each coat and rely on our industry expertise to guarantee your complete satisfaction. 

Our three-coat process includes:

• Prep Work • Base Coat • Top Coat

You’ll be fully protected with the help of Tri-Kote Roofing and our reliable products. Contact Cleveland, OH's top flat roof company today to learn more about the products we offer or to schedule an estimate and put these top-notch products to work for you. 
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